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Racing simulator rental

Are you giving a  company party, sponsor day, in-store promotion or an event? Then you have come to the right place…
Because we supply our own Raceimulators, we can offer these for an amazing rental price!
We can proudly tell you that we are the cheapest.

Prices Race simulator rental (per piece) incl. Guidance.

1x racing simulator is: € 425, –
2x Race Simulators is: € 790, –
3x Racing simulator is: € 1155, –
4x Racing simulator is € 1500, –

1x Virtual Reality glasses: 225, –
1x Motion Races simulator (with movement) is: € 650, –
1x Motion Racing simulator (with movement and Virtual Reality glasses: € 875, –

1x Racing Simulator Trailer € 2000, – incl travel costs within NL.

Package consists of: Racing simulators, 24-32 inch LCD screens, Force feedback controllers, Console / Game PC and latest Racing games.
It is also possible to place your company logo on the race simulator for € 45 per piece.
You do need to provide the logo yourself for this.

The rate is based on 8 hours.
If you want to rent the Racesimulator for longer than you can only pay € 35 per Racesimulator per hour.
If it is the case that you have a multi-day business event then you do not have to pay an hourly rate, then the day price is € 245, – extra per Racesimulator.

Type of Race Simulators:

Racesimulator huren

Racing simulator with own logo € 45 euro:

Racing simulator entirely in company colors, price on request!


New at UGX Racing Simulator is our race trailer! With no less than 6 racing simulators you can turn every event into a success.
You rent this Racetrailer from € 2000 including kilometer reimbursement within the Netherlands.


Simulatie trailer


All Race Simulators are delivered by us ready-made.
There is always a team member / supervisor present for extra explanation / support.
Systems up to date with the latest games.

Extra cost

55 cents per kilometer and a cup of coffee / tea.


If you still want to receive additional information you can always email or call us.
If you want to choose email you can click or click on Contact or send an email to
If you want to call you can call:

Central number +31 (0) 727 431 169
Mobile number +31 (0) 652 636 701

Games we use:
Race games (Almost every circuit to load)
Transport / Truck
Forklift truck
Car Driving Lessons

With multiple bookings at once you will receive a discount from us !!

* Prices Racing simulator (s) are ex VAT

We work for:

   Pirtek  Porsche