Cushion Headrest and Lumbar set



Cushion Headrest and Lumbar set

The Pillow Headrest and Lumbar Support is not only very nice for support, but also for people who often suffer from their backs. You often suffer from back pain after a long sitting in front of your computer. By sparing the pain, you often adopt the wrong position.
We therefore recommend using a pillow headrest and lumbar support. This prevents you from getting problems with your back and neck.

Use of the pillow set

The use of the pillow set is very simple. The cushions are easy to place on almost any office chair. If you don’t have holes like we have in the picture, you can also mount the bungee cords cross-left. It is also possible to pay for the height of the back cushion. The pillow also has an elastic band on it so that it also fits on any headrest.

For whom

A cushion headrest and lumbar set for a desk chair is designed to provide support for the head and lower back.
This can help reduce strain on these areas and improve comfort while sitting for long periods of time.
The cushion headrest supports the neck and head, while the lumbar cushion supports the lower back.
Both can be adjusted to fit the individual user’s needs and can be attached to the chair using straps or clips.


Easy to adjust
art leather
firm foam
elastic bands
Can also be used in vehicles

Gaming chairs

Behalf giving the Ultimate Gaming Xperience we also want to give our customers comfort! comfort is our top priority when it comes to our desk chairs, and now we’ve made our head rest and lumbar support pillows available as a set.
The cushions are designed with provide contoured padding that fits perfectly to support you head and back while sitting on your chair
Cushions are soft and give you support where you need it it most. Place them where you need them for maximum comfort

The pillows will help to promote good posture. Sit better for longer. So sit back and relax and enjoy!

In the box:

  • Headrest pillow
  • Back pillow

This set is sold as cushion and headrest neck pillow and for lumbar support office chair
See here how it looks on a chair

Additional information

Weight 5 kg


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