Wheel stand Xtreme


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Wheel stand Xtreme

No comparison at all with this wheel stand Xtreme.
With the this you really have the best wheel stand on the market right now!
This product has been developed to handle a direct drive racing steering wheel with ease.
With its 33KG this wheel stand that isn’t just only unbelievable strong but it’s also incredibly stable.
This is only made of the highest quality.
Simply place your pedals, steering wheel and gear shifter on it.
There is also room to put a handbrake next to your gears shifter! And of course don’t forget your Console or PC!
Everything you need is possible on this Wheel stand!

Wheel stand description

The stand has everything you need. Product can be used as GT racing or as a F1 racing just adjust the way of your pedals.
When you are using a console or Gaming PC you can add this on the console/pc holder that is included with the package.
Also this product has multi holes to put on your racing wheel like Fanatec, Logitech G29 G920 etc and ofcourse the Thrustmaster series.
When you want to add a screen this is also available with the tv brackets in the box. We recommend to use a gaming screen like a Samsung or AOC.
Overal we use it with the 49 Inch gaming screen from Samsung. This will give you a absolutly great race feeling when driving with this.

Even do that its specially made for to handle direct drive steering wheels, it perfectly can be used by other brands ofcourse.

High End

Stronger then this you would’t find on the market.
Customers call this the best racing wheel stand on the market.

All in one  Gaming Wheel stand

This has it all right away from the start.
All the gear holders for shifter and handbrake is in the box
Bracket for your Gaming PC or Console is also in the box to put your console or pc as close as possible to your screen. So the less cables the better it is 🙂
Using the Bracket for a screen is easy. You can add a screen thats up to 250×250 vesa. This is almost every gaming screen on the market.
Would you like to make it to a complete race simulator in the future? Thats possible!


*Specially made for Direct Drive wheels
*Very stable
*Easily adjust the steering wheel in degrees
*Pedals adjustable in height and degrees
*Pedals adjustable in distance
*Gear lever adjustable in height
*You can bring the screen towards you, also up or down
*No less than 3 mm thick plate for handlebars and pedals
*Vesa fits up to 250×250.

Gaming screen

Of course, if the vesa matches, a screen up to 49 inches or, for example, the 49-inch curved gaming screen from Samsung can be fitted!
Vesa to 250×250.


With this you never have to worry that it cannot handle something.
It can handle all the forces of the various controls with ease.
If you eventually want to expand this, then this is certainly possible!
Easily turn this racing steering wheel stand stand into a complete Race simulator frame.


* Screen
* Console
* Steering wheel
* Pedals
* Handbrake
* Gear lever.


* Fixings material
* Gear lever holder
* Handbrake holder
* Screen holder
* Console / PC holder.


Download wheel stand installation

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