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The chair
The ergonomically shaped and extremely strong tubular frame is equipped with all options and conveniences. For example, the UGX race simulator consists of a comfortable racing chair, which is filled with soft foam and a soft seat. As a result, you will also be spared during longer race sessions for physical discomforts such as back and back pain. Of course, the position of the seat relative to the handlebar and the pedals is at least as important. That’s why we looked at the race position of drivers in race classes like the WTCR and the WTCC. In addition, the seat of the UGX race simulator is fitted with seat rails as standard. This makes it easy to adjust the distance between the seat and the pedals, which makes the chair suitable for both large and small.

– Steel frame
– Buttkicker holder
– Gearshifter holder
– Leather chair
– Adjustable frame
– Colour black
– Official racing seat
– Chair adjustable via sliding rails
– Space requirements (H 100 x W 52 x L 150 cm)
– Suitable for Logitech steering
– Weight: ± 35kg

A solid frame
For the sturdiness of the steering column we have developed a double tubular frame, which means that the UGX race simulator will not yield even in the case of heavy force feedback effects and that the handlebar is properly held in place. The same applies to the platform on which the pedals can be placed. Because this platform is welded to the wide frame at several points, it will not show any play when, for example, you try to kick the floor through the floor. This ensures optimal control over your brakes and acceleration in all situations. In addition, the size of the platform also ensures that both sets with two and three pedals can be securely placed.

Also suitable for racing wheels with manual gearbox
Because the UGX race simulator is suitable for all Logitech steering, but also for other steering, a gearshift holder should not be missing. This is therefore supplied as standard and can optionally be attached to the frame. The total package is delivered partially disassembled in a box, after which the whole can easily be assembled with the help of an Allen key and manual. Within minutes the UGX-Racesimulator is ready to undergo the ultimate racing experience.

Scope of delivery game chair

– Adjustable steel frame
– Race chair
– Gearshiftholder
– Buttkicker holder
– Seat sliders
– Fastening material